The yellow bars represent how much Health the characters have left, if it reaches zero, the round is over. The first character to win two rounds wins the match.

The Patience bars fills up when you character takes damage, when it's full, he/she can perform a Special Move.

Basic Controls

The default controls for 'Bullets of a Revolver' are:

upUP: W on Keyboard
rightRIGHT: D on Keyboard
downDOWN: S on Keyboard
leftLEFT: A on Keyboard
aBUTTON A: J on Keyboard
bBUTTON B: K on Keyboard
cBUTTON C: I on Keyboard

F2: Reset Game
Alt+F4: Close Game
Enter: Pauses game

Those controls, however, may configured to your liking in the Options of the game.

Moving your Character

In fighting mode, you use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move you character left and right.

Pressing UP will make you character jump up, pressing UP while pressing the LEFT or RIGHT arrows will make you character jump forward or backward.

Pressing DOWN will make your character crouch, you can't move left or right while crounching.


Pressing the BUTTON A will make your character perform a Punch (may vary depending on the character.)

Pressing the BUTTON B will make your character perform a Kick (may vary depending on the character.)

If you perform a standing Punch or Kick while stationery, it will be a Quick Weak Attack, good for starting Combos. If you hold LEFT or RIGHT, you will perform a Strong Attack, that has great damage and range.

Punches and Kicks can be done in air and crouching, a crouching Punch will result in a Uppercut and a crouching Kick will perform a Sweep Attack.

Pressing the BUTTON C while moving left or right will make your character perform a Throw, if you're close to your opponent, you'll grab him and attack, but if you're far away, your throw will whiff, leaving you open for some seconds.


When your opponent is attacking, you will Block if you hold backward, which may be holding LEFT or RIGHT depending on which side you are on. You can Block while standing, crouching and even in air.

But be careful, you can't block Sweep Attacks with a Standing Block or an Air Attack with a Crouching Block.


If you keep pressing BUTTON A or BUTTON B after the first hit of a normal attack, you will perform a combo.

If you don't press any direction button while performing a combo, it will end with a strong attack.

If you press any direction button while performing a combo, the last hit will be aborted, but you will be able to link any Normal or Special Moves to finish the combo.


Train Chase/Gold Escape

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In Train Chase/Gold Escape, you use the ARROWS to control you character, you must dodge the obstacles that are laid out by the train thugs, some have to be jumped over by pressing BUTTON A.

If you hit too many obstacles and run out of Horshoes/Wheels, the game is over.

Can Can Battle


In Can Can battle, you use the LEFT, UP and RIGHT arrows to play. You must press the right button when the symbol reaches the top marker.

If you miss any symbols, your performance will drop, when it reaches zero, the game is over.

Gun Duel


Just press BUTTON A when the SHOOT sign appears, if you press it before the sign appears or too late, you lose.

Raymond's Revenge


In Raymond's Revenge, you use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move Raymond forward and backward.. You must rescure Marguerite while dodging arrows.

Everytime you are hit by an arrow, you lose a Hat, when it reaches zero, the game is over.


downuprightleft + abc